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Posted by carbonlad - December 14th, 2019



Posted by carbonlad - December 13th, 2019

I know if I try changing the pitch, speeding it up, or slowing down the tempo too much, I'm desperately trying to make it sound good, and this didnt come out the way I wanted it to at all, so I moved everything back.

The congo soundfont is really jarring too.


Posted by carbonlad - December 9th, 2019

I die a bunch of times, like once. I ran over a gas tank, kaboom. Game over.

All that work :(


Posted by carbonlad - December 1st, 2019


Posted by carbonlad - November 28th, 2019


Too ambitious


Posted by carbonlad - November 26th, 2019



Posted by carbonlad - November 24th, 2019

Deezer released "Spleeter"

Spleeter is a command line tool that rips vocal melody and drum tracks using neural AI networks.

Melody.ml will do it for you without needing to install python commandlines like Anaconda

Go to https://melody.ml/ and try ripping an mp3 yourself.





Posted by carbonlad - November 18th, 2019


Working on a simple "How to make Covers for Synthesia" Tutorial. It's difficult because different programs do different things, (FL4, FL12, Ableton Live) but the general idea for sequencing should be the same. There's no rule of thumb for each song either, each one is different; I've had different problems and different difficulties with each song, and these only got simpler with video game covers or anything composed electronically.

There will be a video of all covers and tunes for 2019; we're at a total of 43 or so.


Things feel like a drag these days what with the weather getting colder and realizing a lot of older stuff cannot be brought back; I looked at the google analytics for my site, and they naturally peaked at 2015 which wasn't long after I published "Vanilla nexustk" and "Super Conro". They haven't really climbed since.

I don't mind but there's this natural wish for things to grow and climb once they're 'out there', but it doesn't always happen.

On the earlier point; I don't really know what to do with 20 folders of gifs from NexusTK, or if anyone would be interested in a 3rd flash game. There are some good TK related games on newgrounds, a perfect clone of the current client even, but I feel the game itself is probably on its way out. I'm not the biggest fan of Nexus, I do notice though that the last big surge in players the game had came from wayward Warcraft players. If not for that, Nexus feels like an adults only club for people who remember the game fondly.

Fans of my older flash work are few and far between. I can't say that I miss the bad part of that, but the thrill of posting something I put a lot of work into isnt quite the same; Newgrounds is sort of in 'survival' / donation mode. Many websites from a similar era are still around, or have died completely.

I kind of miss the old days, but not really. The experimental phase of the internet is probably nearing an end though. I met a guy who thought personal and business websites were on their way out and with a few exceptions , I couldn't really disagree.

My legs feel like theyre about to come off and I dont know why, brb.


Posted by carbonlad - November 13th, 2019



Posted by carbonlad - November 12th, 2019

check out my gross handwriting