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I dig it. The drums sound heatmiser-esque. This is very good.

ConnorDeVaux responds:

I wish i could've made them sound a bit better than they came out but thanks a lot :)

This is great. Impeccable. I love it.

ConnorDeVaux responds:

Thanks for the kind review :)

You wrote 'sampled' but there's no Celine Dion sample in this beyond a bunch of notes, which is really good. Celine Dion's a bit of an academy award stealing crook imo but this is a really good remix.

Great job 5/5

CuntMagnet responds:

Thank you!

Oh, by sampled, I meant compositionally.

Great for that 5am melancholy. This is my new favourite

ConnorDeVaux responds:

Thank you!

I hate to say this; This belongs on OCR, its so good. Great work here.

CuntMagnet responds:

Well, thank you very much!
But I disagree. It needs a lot more work, hence I've also poasted this in the OC ReMix forums for feedback and advice.

You still make excellent stuff. Great job.

gamerjaym responds:

thanks mean alot

This is how I know I've got a long way to go. Great job, Stellar work here 5/5

gamerjaym responds:


Electronic screaming.

WaterLemonMusic responds:

this is what we call hardcore man

This is really good. I'll have to hear the original. Great job. 5/5

MeisterMach5 responds:

Thank you! I really appreciate it! I really wanted to make this one as best as it could be as I felt it deserved no less!

Less energy than the original, but it sounds nice with that guitar font or whatever you used 5/5

brujeria responds:

Thanks man, I just used guitar pro 6 for the font. I didnt have a mic at the time to record my guitar playing so I did my best to transfer all of the nuances of my performance into the program but some things just dont translate so well -_- but thanks man! I really appreciate the feedback

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