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I liked this more than I should have. loled

Only mad that I never got to see the boss
Otherwise a great short
Very cinematic 4/5

This is Art

The VA was excellent. The animation not so much. Good job on using original assets too.

The joke at the end was underwhelming but the other jokes were alright.

I liked this very much but the animation was really lacking and the jokes weren't that strong, but I liked that it didn't go on forever so that I didn't have to suffer through a ton.

The music wasn't bad and there wasn't a lot of overuse of sound bytes from the original games, so there's that. It's fine if you choose a different art style different from the games. I just wish Andy didn't look like an amorphous blob.

This felt like a missed opportunity to talk about the Zaneiken from the first game and made me wish I made my own toon. GG, A for effort.

The effort taken toward the production of this cartoon is, well, admirable. It also matched the aesthetic of the lame Twisted Metal II cutscenes too. It's pretty clever and I'm really jelly.

Relatable. I like it a lot more than MegMogAndOwl. Lookin forward to the finale

Aaron-Long responds:

Wow! and I love Megg Mogg and Owl.

Wow Murray keeps dishing it out, I dont think the joker can take it. This cartoon wasn't funnier than the hardcut in the original. It wasn't that bad though; 3.5 out of 5

I liked Ducktales Z and this wasn't too bad but severely lacking in parts. Well done

Not bad

I'm unamused behind these shades don't worry

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