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Not a bad game, I only died about 30 times. Reminds me of late 00's flash games

This ain't bad; The original street fighter had terrible controls and graphics too.

Edit: Im not kidding when I say this is a lot like the original; The sprites are literally pulled from the first SF but I dont remember the ending being in korean or the backrounds looking so bad. Not that the original backrounds were much better either.

The only bad review from ericho makes this even better.

Change nothing in this.

I've played better versions of five finger fillet; This wasnt that bad though.

>so realistic look at those graphics

Great graphics, killer soundtrack, 5/5

I came back to this one, until the last level kept repeating itself. Not ba,d but whatever.



SirenGames responds:

Not sure what you're getting at, there.

I get 65 fps.

RaduLepdatu responds:

Thank you, did it dropped ?

The green things won't register a death unless they're off a cliff or taken out by a 'bird', and my cursor wont register sometimes. This wasn't bad for html5. I cleared all 15

I feel like adding all these characters to Ragnarok Eternal would've sufficed, but the controls in this game are better. I wish the wiki had tips on how to get the other 3 classes. This game has gone virtually unseen, compared to RagEternal getting frontpaged in 2012. This game isn't bad; Good job.

ShadowWhoWalks responds:

Difficulty too high, poor first impressions, takes too long to get started, plus a bad release time.
It might've fared better if I hurried with the translations and release it last year.
It's a shame but maybe it's better this way.

To get the Biochemist, collect 2 out of the 6 potion manuals hidden in the 6 stages and talk to her.
To get the Knight, simply donate a food item at him when you see him in town. Food items are dropped by either the Polar Bear, the Sea Snail, or a certain hidden wall item in the Castlevania stage.
To get the Rogue, attain rank B or higher to encounter him at the midpoint of any stage, you have one chance to defeat him per encounter.
To get the Crusader, look for a hidden path to the left of the dropping platform/poison gas area in the Castlevania stage, defeat him to recruit.

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