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My game sucks and I dont know why.

Posted by carbonlad - August 30th, 2017

Edit: Wow thanks guys, I wasnt counting on a review or a reply at all. Thanks so much!!

Hello. I'm not counting on a reply to this post

My game last month got a score of 2.90 with 80 votes; the views kept climbing but no one else voted.


This month, my slightly improved game with "brand new monsters" got 2.15??? a full star lower than the last one

Meanwhile, until about 3 days ago, neither game had NO REVIEWS. I've been  waiting 2 months for things people would like to see, and things they do not want.

I won't know what is wrong unless I get feedback; Some people feel or want to play both submissions without music; I have no way of knowing unless people tell me. It's this bizarre guessing game of seeing what bothers people the most and the least.

If someone wrote a guide on tailoring flash games to different tastes, I'd love to read it.

Why is my game a full star lower than the last one? is it because the monsters dont animate? are some of the monsters ugly? no one will tell me? lol.

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Sex game?

So i just play your game about 5 minutes and it looks so bad (the newest one),
- monster keep despawning and spawning and despawning and spawning.
- low fps?
- glitch when attacking (or maybe its take tooooooo long delay to attack).
- Change the game name with something "easy to catch" name or simple name (why u add date to the game name?)
- The gameplay is weird (the control)
- keep it simple.

Why your first game have better rating?
because its more simple :)

btw, what did u use to make the game?

I used Flash MX.

Thank you.

>monsters spawning despawning
I'm only aware of the monsters spawning once, Edit: I suddenly figured out what you meant haha

>low fps
The fps should be around 20-24, if its any lower I could try to change the amount of graphics on screen and optimize some code

>glitch when attacking( or too delayed)
Ive wondered about this and I'm going to change the attack speed of both classes

>Change the game name
It will be shorter

>Gameplay is weird
You can use the mouse or the keyboard, but both are buggy

Again, thank you :)

I like to think that most people make games to share fantastic experiences with one another because that brings out the artistic vision the developer had in mind for the player while making the game. Meanwhile, it's the player's choice to review a game or not. I provided some feedback on your game. If you don't get many reviews or much feedback, ask some chill peeps you know to tell you straight what they think of your game. Otherwise, while feedback is helpful, it's only complementary if you can think about what it is you want your audience to feel.

Thank you. It would help me alot if I could fix the problems you pointed out in your review and send you the next copy of the game. I would appreciate that very much.

Your review was invaluable, thank you.